the wobbly story

I have had a lifelong love of pottery and ceramics. My Mum was very arty and whilst her main passion was painting, she also dabbled in pottery. I grew up learning the impact that a creative pastime can have and I have many of my Mum’s creations around me, bringing with them a constant source of inspiration and comfort. It was from these beginnings that my love of pottery emerged.

The pull of a business career kept me from my love of pottery for most of my life and so it was only in 2017 that I was able to devote any time to becoming a potter. In October 2019 I was free to work full-time in my pottery in my garden and most of my learning comes from being taken out of my comfort zone by my wonderful customers who request commissions. For me, there is a huge difference between being arty and being creative. As a potter, I am very firmly in the creative rather than arty space – I prefer to create pieces that are useful and functional. If any item ends up looking arty, then it will be the result of a happy accident!