During the first lockdown in 2020, and having just lost both my Mum and Dad within a few months of each other, I found walking with my dog, Teddy, a great relief from the pressures that we were all under and the grief that at times seemed to overwhelm me.

As I walked around, I was so moved by all the pictures of rainbows that people had put up in their windows that I decided I would make a couple of porcelain rainbows to hang on trees on my walks, as a way of connecting with all the window displays. It was very cathartic for me to embark on such a project and I loved making them and hanging them.

Within a few days, I was getting messages from people in the community who had found them and were asking if they could take them home. This led to me making more and more and then delivering them to people who were isolating or shielding. Over the period of the first lockdown, I made close to 500 rainbows, some personalised, all with the 2020 date on them and was so touched when people sent me photos of their little rainbows hanging up. Although many kind people would go on to say how my little rainbows had brightened their day, it was really the other way around – without that little rainbow project, I really believe that I would not have coped at all following the loss of my Mum and Dad – the rainbows and the people of Prestwood and Great Missenden really saved me during what was a pretty dark time for us all.